PT2.3 Construction of Car

Car Construction

Source for Materials

     The materials were sourced from our own parts. Nicolas provided the wheels, bearing spacers and chopsticks, while Joel provided the gears from a toy set, tools, sticks and dowel.

     - 1 Wooden Dowel
     - 5 Large Gears
     - 1 Small Gear
     - 1 Mouse Trap
     - 1 Ball of String
     - 4 50mm Skateboard wheels with a set of bearings each
     - Ice Cream Sticks
     - Disposable Wooden Chopsticks
     - 8 Bearing Spacers (hollow cylindrical metal piece used as the axle holders

     - Hot Glue Gun
     - Drill with a few drill bits
     - Ruler
     - Pencil
     - Bearing Lubricant

Step #1
Using the drill, we drilled the necessary holes in the parts which included: 1 in the end of the ice cream sticks, 2 on each end for the dowel, 1 through the middle for all 6 gears.

Step #2
The disposable chopsticks were glued to the side of the mouse trap, with a bit sticking out at the end for the wheel axle and tower for the large gear axle (this axle directly connects to the dowel by a string, which is what drives the wheel axle gear.).

Step #3
Glue the bearing spacers along the chopstick

Step #4
Glue the gears to their respective axles, then put them into their axle holders (bearing spacers). 
For the front axle, put it in place, then put in another bearing spacer, then the wheel, in order to stop the whole wheel axle from moving laterally

Step #5
Glue in the support structure for the large gear axle. Then place in the large gear axle.

Step #6
Lubricate the joints of the axles (e.g. axle holder and axle)

Car Dimensions

     Length: 27cm
     Width: 10cm
     Height: 14cm

Reference to Pictures

     In Picture #3, next to the removed wheel, there are 2 different bearing spacers, 1 brass, 1 steel. we used 2 different types to distinguish the axle holders from the "spacers" that prevent the axle from moving laterally, brass from "spacers" and steel for axle holders. 

     In Picture #1, the small purple gear is seen glued to the wheel axle and is also driven by the large gear. The car is not seen wound up in the pictures, but the string wraps around the large gear axle and pulls the axle into rotation as the spring releases. 

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

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