PT2.4 Testing of Car

Problems met while testing

     At first the car wasn't working very well due to our gears being caught in the excess glue used to keep the gears in place, until now the car only works sometimes.

     Using a string that was tied to the dowel, as the spring released, the string will pull on the axle of the gears, driving the smaller gear that was directly attached to the front wheel axle in order to propel the car forward.
     While testing in on the tarmac, the torque produced was only able to push the car a short distance due to more resistance on the tarmac. As you can see on the video posted, the car only maxed out at 2.5m.

1st Test 2nd Test 3rd Test
Was the car in steady and stable motion throughout? Yes Yes -nil-
Was the car moving in a straight line mostly? Yes Yes -nil-
Did the lever and string operate smoothly as well as expected? Yes Yes -nil-
State 1 area for modification Remove 4 Big Gears Remove 4 Big Gears -nil-
State rationales for the above proposed modification This removes a lot of extra weight that is slowing down the car This removes extra weight that slows down the car -nil-

Test #1

Test #2

Test 1 Graph Results


     Looking back, the car would have probably travelled a lot further if not for the excessive amount of gears we put due to the axle slipping. 1 extra gear would be needed at most to fix the problem, and the 4 extra gears we put weighed down the whole car, which was the most likely cause of our car not having enough torque to push itself. The wheels used could have been slightly larger, at 50mm, our wheel was not able to cover enough ground. A larger wheel would have been able to travel a larger distance per rotation. 

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